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{{Flatlist}} starts a horizontal list, such as:

  • kitten
  • dog
  • horse
  • cow
  • sheep
  • pig

The bottom margin is inherited from the current container. Normally this will be 0.5em. This template can be used in tandem with {{endflatlist}}.



* kitten
* dog
* horse
* cow
* sheep
* pig

Alternative syntax:

{{flatlist |
* cat
* dog
* horse
* cow
* sheep
* pig

Syntax for ordered lists:

# first
# second
# third
# fourth
# fifth
# sixth

Optional parameters

  • indent – adds left indent by a number of em-spaces, particularly handy for inclusion in an indented discussion thread.
Example: |indent=2
  • style – adds CSS style options. Complex styles should not be used in articles but may be acceptable on user, project, and talk pages.
Example: |style=border:solid 1px silver; background:lightyellow

See also

  • {{endflatlist}}
  • {{pagelist}}

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