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Want to join our staff? Here's where you start! We encourage you to complete Gears of War Esports Wiki:Tutorial prior to applying, but it's not required, particularly if you have significant knowledge about a particular scene.

Gears of War Esports Wiki Staff Responsibilities

Staff members work on all aspects of the site, from updating player bios to inputting scoreboards to updating tournaments' brackets in realtime. The amount of experience that we look for in staff varies with what part of the site they're interested in working on - for example, if you want to update a region's player biographies, we would want you to be already familiar with that particular region and able to write well; however, if you're more interested in entering raw stats from screencaps, then we don't expect you to have experience already and instead hope that you will gain experience and skills during your time as a volunteer for us. We are also extremely flexible with what volunteers work on and even encourage you to take on multiple projects at the same time and work on whichever one you prefer each day, as long as everything that needs to be completed is done within a reasonable timeline.

What can you expect to do on a daily basis? We have several projects ongoing at any point in time - entering tournament information (picks/bans and scoreboards) and updating player biographies when news is released is an ongoing process. We also have a backlog of tournaments that we want to enter data from, and there are always bios that haven't been updated in a while to go back and catch up on. Additionally, we are currently reorganizing a lot of our site, so working on some things related to that might be an option. Or, if there's something that you find personally interesting, you can always work on that! We do have some expectations from you:


Upon having an application accepted to become a full Staff Member, you will be considered an Onboarder for the first 2-3 weeks. During this time, your work will be more supervised than it would be as a Staff Member, and there may be a specific set of tasks that you are required to work on in order to gain familiarity with the wiki or other department. Upon completing your "onboarding tasks," you will be considered a full staff member of Gears of War Esports Wiki.


Q: Is there any financial compensation?

A: No, we are a volunteer organization.

Q: What are the benefits of being a staff member?

A: We have a lot of opportunities for staff members to advance to management positions, which is very good experience if you want to get involved with esports at a professional level. Also, you can use any of our management as a reference once you've been a staff member for a couple months, regardless of what your position is within Gears of War Esports Wiki. And if you're not interested in that, then you get to be part of an organization that provides a great service to the community!

Q: What if I only want to work on one aspect of the site?

A: That's absolutely fine! When you apply, you can choose a department to apply to. For example, if you apply to the Live Coverage department to tweet, and you aren't interested in editing the wiki, that's not a problem at all!